Pretty Much Done For You Welcome Email Sequence

The most important email you'll ever send to a list is the welcome email.

It's your first impression. It's a make or break moment.

It's the first dance at high school prom. It sets the tone for everything to come.

The second most important thing you'll ever send your email list is the next 10 emails or so.

Your welcome sequence.

It's your chance to introduce people to your world or your business. It's your chance to make them love you or hate you. To sell them something and keep selling them stuff forever...or never sell them anything ever again.

When it comes to welcome sequences, most people poop the bed. (That's the nicest way I could think of to say that.)

They either mess up the whole thing or mess up a part of it.

Or worse...they don't even have a welcome sequence. (GASP.)

Don't be that person.

Do it right.

If you wanna get your welcome email sequences right, I'll show you how to do it.

You have two options:

1. The Welcome Email Sequences Templates Basic Package

-10 Templates you can use immediately to build your email sequence. (These are proven templates that have worked for years.)

-A new series of templates that I'm creating specifically for this course. Full tansparency - the current templates are a 7 or 8 out of 10 based on my ruthless high standards. The aim is for these to be a 9.5 out of 10. (I don't believe in perfection which is why I won't say 10 out of 10.)

-A gliffy mindmap that shows you the entire methodology I follow in my welcome sequences and daily emails.

-An hour long live training where I'll break down the fundamental principles and strategies of welcome sequences.

In this training you'll learn:

-The exact email "types" to send and what days to send them.

-How often you should email your list in the first 10 days.

-How to use the "secret acceptance window" to double your opens on the first day people opt in.

-The 6 hour email to increase opens, replies, and sales on day 0.

-How to move people from an autoresponder sequence to a "blast" list.

-The weird one page Google Doc strategy that damn near guarantees you end up in the primary inbox and get massive open rates.

-The one email to send at the END of your welcome sequence to get people to keep opening. (And buy your stuff.)

-When to send your "hero story" email and what to say. (This is a make or break email that can make people love you or hate you.)

-How to use "paradigm shift" emails that will separate you from the competition.

-How to make people do the "nose breath" laugh that'll make them open almost all your emails just for a little giggle. (And how to be funny even if you're less interesting than burnt toast.)

BONUS: How to Use AI to do 80% to 90% of the work for you. You can literally copy and paste the templates into my AI tool with a one sentence prompt and it'll write your emails for you. You can have an entire sequence written in less than one hour. I know some people are resistant to AI which why this is a BONUS. You do NOT need the AI tool to succeed with this. You can literally just fill in the blanks and do it yourself.

Option 2: The Welcome Email Sequence "Write Along" Training.

You'll get all of the above when you get the Write Along Training.


You and I will write a full 10 day autoresponder sequence side-by-side in real-time.

I'll be doing 10 live zoom calls for one hour each.

For the first 10 to 20 minutes I'll be writing my own email for a new sequence I'm working on. I'll write the email LIVE in front of you.

You can either watch me write with your full attention...or write while I'm writing to hold yourself accountable to get your sequence done.

I'll explain why I wrote it the way I did and where I'm gonna put it in my sequence.

Then I'll spend the second half of the call working with you on your sequences. You'll be able to ask questions about your specific niche and emails.

I think of this as a mix of accountability and coaching. The pressure of the calls should help you create your sequence. And I'll be able to coach you through any questions or roadblocks.

And I'm throwing in two bonuses.

1. I'm gonna create a landing page for a new opt in I'm gonna run. I'll show you the landing page and why I did what I did.

2. I'm gonna show you the ads and funnel for the new offer so you can see exacly what I'm doing behind the scenes.

Between the ads, funnel, landing page, and emails you're basically getting to see how I build businesses. This part could be a course in itself.

And you get a full 10 hours with me...

I charge $2,000 per hour for one on one consulting so this is a real $20,000. Or call it $10,000 since it's group coaching.

You will be a part of the ONLY group that will ever get to do this training with me LIVE. If I sell it again, it'll be recordings only.

I've never done this before and I won't ever do this again.

Each day you'll get a link to the live call and recording link of the previous call.

My team and I talked about this offer a lot and we were thinking of doing $997 for it and limiting the number of participants.

But the honest truth is I plan on selling the recordings in the future at some point so I wanted to just make it a no-brainer for the live group as well.

$697 is still too little for what I'm doing...but I don't really care cuz like I said, I wanna sell the recordings later.

So I decided to make this a "popcorn offer" like buying popcorn at the movies. The medium is pretty much the same price as the large so almost everyone just gets the large.

That's why I'm doing the Write Along for just $497.

Or you can get the basic package for just $197.

When you get the Write Along training you get everything you get in the $197 offer...AND you get to write your sequence with me...for just $300 more.

In my opinion, it's one of the best offers I've ever made. Hopefully you feel the same way.

Welcome sequences truly are the difference between an email list that can become your own personal ATM machine...and a list that struggles to survive.

That's the real reason I'm putting so much effort into this. Autoresponder sequences are one of my favorite things on earth.

They're the reason I can take weeks off work at a time without caring.

They're the reason every person that opts in to my email list is worth more money than I spend to acquire them.

They're the reason I'm able to work an hour or two a day and spend the rest of my time doing whatever I want. (Like traveling and doing stand up.)

The first 10 days after someone opts in to your email list or buys something is critical. It's like the first 48 hours after someone is kidnapped (but less intense).

Get your first 10 days wrong and you may lose your potential fans and buyers after just a couple days. Get it right and you may have buyers for life.

I literally have customers who've been on my email list for close to a decade that have spent over $50,000 with me. And I have people who've spent tens of thousands within the first month of being on my list.

These sequences work in damn-near-any niche. It doesn't matter if you're selling ecom, coaching, services, or info products.

It doesn't matter if you sell cheap stuff or super high-ticket stuff.

You could be selling ebooks, handbags, or unbreakable dildos.

The principles and strategies stay the same. Just the tactics and techniques change.

If you are moderately intelligent - you can fill in the blanks on the templates and adapt them to your niche. And by moderately intelligent I mean you can send texts to friends without a bunch of typos. (And if you can't do that, first off I'm sorry, second off, you can use my AI tool to do it for you.)

One final note: There are no refunds on this course. You're getting a bunch of templates immediately. People steal my stuff all the time and put them on pirate sites. It sucks. I literally pay a company to find all of these thieves and remove them from the internet. And I hope they all stub their toe daily.

You should make your money back from this course with a single email template. The value here is massive.

So if that scares you, please don't buy. This ain't for you.

But if you understand the value of what I'm providing here - just pick your option below and let's get after it.

I recommend doing the $497 option because I'll never do it again - but hey, that's just my biased opinion.

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